The Ugly Truth of Resin Dollmaking


Original polymer sculpt for Fidget, this is after she came out of the silicone mold, so she’s kinda fuzzy and looks a little stunned?.

I made dolls of porcelain for many years before I tackled resin.  This was a whole new, steep learning curve!  I didn’t even have the benefit of the internet at this time.  I made a lot of phone calls to my resin casting suppliers for help with the process...thank you to them!  The rest I learned through trial and error, this method takes longer, but the lessons are free, and the results are uniquely my own.

a crack-away problem at the hips....dang!  The blue things are plastic beads, they shrunk when I cooked the polymer......duh.

I know this looks silly...but it worked.  I used glass doll eyes for the hip sockets, no more shrinking, plus it helped with the balance...I  could make the hips align together by making them “look” at each other!

this looks painful, brave little Fidget never uttered a peep!

She stands!  What do ya mean she doesn’t have to balance a head yet?  I’m proud of m’girl!!

all the better to see you with my dear...

Done!  She’s cute, graceful, she works...everything I wanted in my bjd little girl, now if  I can just get her to go to college....

Next on my menu...I started work on my bjd centaur.  I figured since I was able to design a biped bjd, a quadruped would be only slightly more challenging...famous last words!  I worked on this one for a couple of years, not constantly, though.  I’d  work...get frustrated...put it away...get it again...gave up...made my solid centaur...tried again with the bjd version..................finally got my centaur girl to stand up....much more difficult than a biped.  Again,  OCD pays off!

This look scary to you?  It sure scares the you-know-what out of me! This is my 10 gal. pressure pot and his little buddy...the one gal vacuum chamber.   The above, along with the even scarier looking 20 gal. compressor, is the equipment needed to make resin parts.  I’ll never get used to the noise!  

These are some of the silicone molds for my bjd.  Like my plaster molds for porcelain, they look funky, but they work fine.

Wig making (below) is the same as for my porcelain dolls.  I embed small bits of hair, in this example lamby- belly wool, into a wig cap of polymer clay.  When all is done, I bake, and the end result is a custom fitted wig for my tiny doll’s heads. The example in these photos is my little solid centaur girl.

  ©  2012 Joanne Callander