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If you’ve made it this far into my site, I’ll assume we are kindred spirits...for us dolls are not an option.  A nondoll person would have been scared off pages ago.  I’ve been making my living selling my work for more than 25 years now.  I must sell...I don’t want to end up as an episode of “Hoarders”!  I prefer a full payment, not surprisingly, but I offer flexible layaway plans too.  For my contact info, click:

                   Please see the note to my collectors at the bottom of this page.

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                                        9 inch, Fidget, resin bjd (nude): $400.00

Same body design as the Bat girls, only wingless.  Same features and same exceptional quality as the BGs as well.  The only difference is, she can sleep lying on her back !

Custom orders require a 50% down payment and the balance paid when your doll is completed.    

7 inch, all porcelain bjds: $1200.00

15 points of articulation

Hand sculpted faces with tiny, porcelain inset eyes

my hand made real hair wigs

each is absolutely one of a kind! 

Delicate, precious, extra special treasures!!

To my porcelain doll collectors, past, present and future:

I might live to regret this, but I’m offering affordable, lifetime health care for your little JC porcelain beauties. That’s health care throughout my lifetime, not theirs.  After all, a porcelain doll will live forever.  But me?  I suspect I’m not quite so durable.    So, anyway, (as long as I’m able!?), if you have a JC doll who is in need of a little TLC, I’ll do it, no charge, if you’ll  just pay for shipping.  I’m offering this for my little porcelains exclusively.   Now, let’s be reasonable, if your doll has been totally trashed, that goes beyond TLC and  we may need to talk about a small fee.  But I’ll keep it minimal, very minimal...so don’t worry.  A broken doll is not a dead doll, she’s just needs a vacation!  I’ll work my magic and bring her back to life for you!

Call me before you send any doll!!  I don’t want to come home from a weekend away to discover somebody’s cherished little someone,  sitting at my back door, rain soaked... or... cat spuzzed... or... raccoon ravaged... or... ????!!!  

  ©  2012 Joanne Callander


Layaway for items $300.00 to $800.00:  25% down and the balance paid monthly for 6 months

Layaway for items $800.00 and up:  25% down and the balance paid monthly for one year



Blue Fidget


9 inch resin Moth Boy (Scamper) BJD

Soft flocked wings

one of a kind: $450.00

9 inch resin Dryad (Fidget) BJD

soft leaf-like wings

one of a kind:$450.00

                                       ©  2012 Joanne Callander

                                       ©  2012 Joanne Callander