About me


I was born in Napa, California and spent my earliest years there.   Happy years, I loved being a girl, loved my family...boring, but nice.

I moved with my parents and three sisters to Potter Valley in 1966.  Potter Valley is a beautiful, green little gem in rural Northern California.  It was a glorious place to be a child. 

Now, here it is 48 years later...I’m still here!?... I guess I must have grown one of those extra deep tap roots, there’s just no digging me out now!  The  little  farm house now doubles as my doll workshop.

Its pretty quiet out here in the country, there’s more animals than there are people.  Its never boring, though.  I’ve been busy with the never ending farm chores and developing my art skills.  Its a little off the beaten track here, consequently, I’ve spent a lot of “alone with Joanne” time...maybe too much??

Dedication to developing myself as an artist has been my redeeming virtue.  I was lucky enough to be born with a little seed of artistic talent.  I’ve worked very hard and long to cultivate that seed.  I’m self taught and sometimes that student of mine seemed like a real dummy!  I’m glad I kept at it, though.  I’m now able to take pride and pleasure in my work. 

                       the Callander girls, 1960


me, 1966.  Talk about a bad hair day, you’d think I would have combed that goat out of my hair??  I had nice melons back then.