Pushme Pullyu

porcelain dolls and mixed media beastie


Ok, so this is unseparated at birth.  The Pushme Pullyu is from the Dr. Doolittle story, of course.  I read the story when I was a kid.  Obviously, it made an impression on me, at least this particular fabulous beast did!  I think Pushme Pullyu makes a perfect pet for my twins.  They are still too young to take on the full responsibility of a pet...you know feeding and clean up?  With Pushme Pullyu, there’s no clean up....because...well...there’s no back end!!  The girls have it easy, no shoveling, no litter box...yay!   Where can I get one of these critters?

These are just about the fanciest hairdos I ever made.  

Its quite a little child’s paradise I’ve created for my dolls here.  In Joanne’s dolliland, your hair always looks perfect, you always get to wear the cutest clothes and its forever safe and immensely fun!  Now add an adorable, two headed, four legged, nonpooping wondrous beast to the mix and...oh  man...you had me on perfect hair!

                                       ©  2012 Joanne Callander