Poodle girl

Porcelain doll and porcelain poodle



Everything is porcelain, its all I knew at the time, I made these two in 1998.  The doll and carriage is cast porcelain and Poodle dog is made with hand sculpted porcelain clay.  I upholstered the carriage in silk.  Poodle is covered with tiny snips of lambs wool, it took forever, but the effect is quite poodley.  The wheels really turn on an axle and the Poodle’s yoke has a pivot point so he (she?) can give PG a nice smooth ride, not too jerky, please!  Good dog!

Poodle girl is all porcelain and posable.  I was going for a ’50’s flavor for her, But as with all my dolls, she’s a fashion V8.  That shade of pink sure says “50‘s to me, though.  PG’s the same height as my other little girls, about 6 inches tall.

It was pretty scary sculpting Poodle’s delicate legs...if I broke him before I could get him fired, I’d have to start all over again!!   Didn’t happen though...phew!  I made Poodle’s eyes the same way I make my doll’s eyes, they look right back at you.  

The body of the carriage is porcelain and I added sculpey “cushions”.  The wheels are cast resin, then  I covered them with gold leaf.  

                                       ©  2012 Joanne Callander