resin doll composition



   This composition represents the birth (are they “born”??) of a fairy.  I couldn’t think of how a fairy might come into life that made sense and/or didn’t gross me out!  Think about they come from an egg?  Hmmmm, if they come from eggs then the females would have some sort of ovapositor...yikes!  OK, then what about this...does a fairy go through a larval stage?  What would that look like...double yikes!!  So, anyhoo, I decided in order to keep it pretty,  my fairy would have a virgin birth, she starts as a sprout off the mother plant and then develops, forms leaves (her wings) and ultimately flies free.  Sweet, huh?  But wait a minute, there’s a big spider right above  her!  Will she grow up in time to fly to safety??!!  I can’t watch!!!

Peril , the doll part anyway, is made of cast translucent resin, very pretty stuff, I’ve set her eyes into the sockets.  Her hair is fiberglass.  I made this work in 2008.  Her “stem” is built up with a resin paste that I make up myself.  I also used resin putty whenever and however it worked.

Poor pitiful peril!  I think she can make it!   There’s just that right leg and left foot still stuck to that darn mother!

Here’s Spidey trying to look like part of the know how sneaky those garden spiders can be.  Ew, there’s actually a spider leg toughing Peril.  Well, the legs aren’t the business part, so maybe she’ll still be OK...

...shaping up

Her wings are cast in a soft, flexible resin.  I made molds off leaves from my garden, camellia leaves.  I love the effect!

getting her gossamer tresses...

puttin’ down roots

  ©  2012 Joanne Callander