New for 2015:

resin bjds,porcelain bjds

By Joanne Callander


I make very few dolls a year.  I do it all myself, folks.  From original sculpts, joint engineering, mold making, costume sewing, hair and flock dyeing, bead embroidery, resin pressure casting...etc. etc., all, all, all by myself...nobody else touches nuthin!  It’s not that I like working so hard and making such a mess of  my home, but if you want it like you want it...

Well, thank you for reading my rant, that helps.  I believe my effort has resulted in works of exquisite quality and unique design.  I do this work to delight myself...and I hope others as well!

Because I make so few, my dolls are sooooo precious to me!  Click on the photos below to see who’s new as of midyear, 2014:

Blue Fidget, 9 inch resin bjd

Saphron,7 inch porcelain bjd

Whisper,7 inch porcelain bjd

Charity,7 inch porcelain bjd

Scamper, 9 inch resin bjd

Fidget (Dryad), 9 inch resin bjd