New for 2015: 9 inch resin ball jointed dolls

by Joanne Callander


Little Blue Fidget.  She’s my 9 inch, resin, ball jointed doll, all fancied up with blue and white, tibetan lamb hair, tattoos (pretty, girlie ones...) and vivid turquoise eyes. All Fidgets are one of a kind “sisters”.

For all my Fidgets, everyday is a good hair day

                                       ©  2012 Joanne Callander

with ink so pretty, who needs cloths?

Fidget again, as a Dryad this time.  She has hand dyed, tencel hair with tansparent tendrils and soft, flexible resin “wings”.  Her wings are actually leaves. I don’t think she’s  aerodynamically sound....

Her wings are flocked on the inner surface...I see a few bug holes...but I don’t think she too vain about it.   She’d better watch out for those dang earwigs!!!!

Here’s my only boy.  This is Scamper, a 9 inch resin bjd.  I’ve made him as a Mothboy...he has soft, resin, flocked moth wings, a flocked deco’d head and mohair mohawk.

Remember Aesop’s fable about the scorpion and the frog? Mothboy should google it...he might want to rethink

his choice of transportation...

Ball jointed “Spidey” has 44 points of articulation.

Let me tell ya...this spider was a bear to make....

Yippee yi yooooooooo.....