Molasses and Moses

5 1/2 inch all resin doll and xanagnu


Molasses is the cerebral sort.  Sure, she likes her playtime, but she’s really dedicated to developing those brain cells!  Doesn’t look as though she gets out in the sun much either...not into sports.  She’s found her counterpart in Moses.  He’s got all the smarts and twice the patience necessary to meet Molasses’ challenge.  Moses is a xanagnu, an even more rare species than a yackalope!  

Molasses and Moses are made of cast resin.  Molasses is 5 1/2 inches tall and fully posable.  Moses is 16 inches long and around 6 inches high.  I did all the casting and mold making myself...holy moses!  Molasses was a breeze, but Moses was very nearly a disaster!  He pulled through, though.   If you’d enjoy some ‘how I did it” shots, look on...

My original sculpt of Moses, good thing I was able to get some casts from my mold, this poor devil didn’t survive the process!

I made the mold in sections...bad idea!  I should have poured the silicone all at once and cut the original out after.  Oh well, I made a mess, but Moses was born after all!  I love this photo...he looks so Zen about it all...

I guess I’m showing this for those wanna be mold makers out there...don’t let this happen to you!  I made a plaster support, and held it all together with... string, pins, packing tape...yikes!

Waiting for Molasses?  I don’t know why the Miss Ms were a bit slow to join their buddies...oh, I know...it was January.

  ©  2012 Joanne Callander