Marbles and Annabelle

all resin doll and bird


Marbles and Annabelle both share a dream...oh, to be  graceful ballerinas when we grow up!  Looks like a long shot at this stage, they are both a little pigeon toed!  Oh well, they have each other to hold onto for balance, and if they keep practicing and encouraging one another...

Maybe they should try something a little less challenging for starts...square dancing.......hokey pokey.......turkey trot??

Marbles is a about 5 1/4 inches tall.  Only her arms and head are jointed.  She is cast in resin. 

Annabelle is 8 inches tall and also cast in resin. She’s not old enough to have feathers.  She’s still in that awkward chick fuzz stage.  Her chick fuzz is flock.   ‘Til now, I had only worked in porcelain.  Resin has allowed me to explore some design options that are not practical in porcelain.  Take Annabelle’s legs, for instance.  Her thin, gangly bird legs would not be a good idea for porcelain.  Resin was the perfect solution!  Resin is strong, resilient and captures every intricate detail.   I do all the resin casting and mold making myself.  It was quite a steep learning curve that first year.  I had a whole new set of equipment to figure out and lots of new chemicals to poison myself with!  My studio looks like Dr. Frankenstein’s lab now.  The horror, the horror!  keep scrolling down if you’ d like a glimpse of the mess!

Above is my original sculpt of Annabelle.  Yeah, I know, she looks like something from Foster Farms.  But can you see?  How in heck could I make a plaster mold of that??  That cube thing on the right is Annabelle’s silicone mold, I’ve got my sewing pins doing double duty there.  Its a miracle that I was able to get any Annabelle’s to cast ok...I’m no engineer, that’s fur shur, I just do it anyway.

One little, two little, three little Annabelles.  12 all together, that’s the whole flock. 

  ©  2012 Joanne Callander