Girl with Nasutoceratops

porcelain doll and beastie composition


I’ve always loved dinosaurs...who doesn’t??  I was going to make a triceratops, but then I found pictures of this new discovery, the nasutoceratops.  I especially liked the nasutoceratops’ look because it’s so cow-like...and I’ve always loved cows...again...who doesn’t???  OK, maybe having a thing for cows is just me.  Did I tell you that I had a much beloved milk cow ... say......30 years back?  Well, now you know everything.   I imagine this Jurassic giant would of had a “live and let live” attitude...probably quite dairy cow-like in that way too.

I have no idea where these two are going, but they will definitely make an impressive entrance!


  ©  2012 Joanne Callander

Girl is an all porcelain, double jointed doll, she’s about 9 inches tall, one of a kind sculpt. She has inset, porcelain eyes and a natural mohair wig...all hand made by me...of course.  I did a little bead loom work for her “outfit”.  I didn’t want her to look modest, but I didn’t want her to look like a seductress either...she’s just herself....you know?

Nasutoceratops is an amalgamation of cast resin and hand built dinosaur parts.  I make my own molds from my original sculpture.  Why make some parts from molds?  Well, I’ll tell you...it’s a matter of strength for the finished work.  I’ve worked with a myriad of sculpting mediums, there is not a type of clay (no, not even epoxy clay) that will result in a final work as strong and beautiful as cast urethane resin.*  The molds are used only one time.  The result: Nasuto is tough, strong and gorgeous!  I didn’t feel the dinosaur would have the proper, dinosaurish, aura of strength, if  it wasn’t truly, really, actually strong...does that make sense?   This beastie is 27 inches long and 10 inches high.  The skin is textured with zillions and zillions of micro glass beads, all lovingly applied, one at a time...over a long period of time...a very long period of time. No,  I would not do this again...Nasuto is one of a kind.

*all urethane resins are not born alike, if you want to know what I like to use, feel free to email me