Elephant Woman

porcelain doll and mixed media


I like to give the compositions vague titles, so it remains open to interpretation.  I can find alternate meanings according to my mood du jour, I think others probably are like that too.  Sooooo, with that stated,  just let me say, I see some interesting symbolism here... I wish I could write a lovely poem to these two, but I’m afraid my talent for prose is limited to short, silly limericks!

Oh, well, I don’t want to start over thinking it.  For sure, my elephant is way handsome and my lady is way sublime.  I finished this work in 2007, so, I did have the presence of mind to take a few “during” photos.  Scroll to the bottom if you don’t mind seeing the ugly truth behind the beauty!

I got a good deal on some wild colors of Fimo, it was just the ticket for my boy.  He was looking like a real party animal for a while there!

It always amazes me to see the magic that skillfully applied makeup can do.  But in the above case, I tried to accentuate the wrinkles, instead of minimizing them! 

A little tendril manipulation going on here.  Every one has to be juuuuust riiiiiight!  Tendrils are made of resin and pulled from the molds before the cure is complete.  I can then form them however I want.

The fruits of my labor.  I made zillions of these, in various colors and opacities.  I needed to have a choice during the final assembly.  These are made of cast resin.

  ©  2012 Joanne Callander