Dragon Tea Party

porcelain and mixed media dolls



This is one of my favorite takes on the peaceable kingdom theme.

I imagined a world where  humans and dragons live in the same neighborhood.  I would guess that the adults of both species would coexist, but not truly intermingle...a NIMBY sort of uneasy tolerance.  But the young children would behave as children often do...they base their friendships on

mutual likability and have not yet learned to mistrust others just because they might look a little different...

So what we have here is a little human girl and her best friend, the little dragon girl, enjoying a tea party with their dollies.

I made this in 2001.  The little girl doll and her dolly are porcelain.  The dragon girl and her dolly are polymer clay with a flocked finish.

  ©  2012 Joanne Callander