porcelain doll composition


This work was inspired by the story of Daphne from Greek mythology.  According to the story,  Zeus  hopes to claim Daphne as one of his many love conquests.  But,  Zeus’ lovers had so often fallen victim to Hera’s (Zeus’ better half) savage revenge, so Daphne took off running when she saw the big “ Z” in pursuit.  Her Father sees what’s going on, and wishing to save her, he turns her into a laurel tree.  Odd choice, Dad.

I’ve depicted Daphne in transition.  I’ve shown her  instantly and serenely resigned to her fate.  She lost her freedom and mobility, of course, but she retained her graceful beauty and proud strength.......I guess Zeus learned no means  NO!

This was my first doll composition, made in 1998.  Daphne’s remaining human parts are all porcelain.  Her tree parts are a conglomerate of polymer clay, resin clay and resin paste (my secret sauce!). 


  ©  2012 Joanne Callander