Crackle with Yorick the Yackalope

6 1/2 inch all porcelain doll and yackalope



S’what’s a yackalope?  Its an extremely rare species, there’s only 10 in existence.  I’ve made every one of them.  They are an evolutionary anomaly... part yak, a little bit of antelope, smidge of  llama... add a pinch of camel and  heeeeere’s  Yorick!  You can just see in his face, he’s a gentle, wise old soul.  The only thing he loves more than apples is his best girl, Crackle.  He’ll take her anywhere she wants to go and will even share his apples with her!   Such a sweetie!  I don’t know where these two are going,  I doubt if they have a clear destination, its just  about being out and about together...and finding more apples!   

The Yoricks are all porcelain ( except the ears, those are polymer) and covered with flock.  The mane is tibetan lamb.  He stands about 9 inches at the withers.  Crackle is all porcelain, jointed and about 6 inches tall.  

  ©  2012 Joanne Callander